Rieger oboe profiling machine.

Today we are talking about the Rieger oboe profiling machine. Rieger is a German company that started life in 1956.

The Rieger oboe profiler has a classic, functional design, with top quality materials, resulting in a robust machine that is very easy to use. All in a perfect travel case.


In this machine you can regulate the length of the scrape. It has a standard oboe template and the option to make a custom template from your own reed. With this machine it is also possible to make English horn reeds, but it is necessary to buy another extra template specifically for that.


In EG-REEDS we have had the chance to test and experiment with this machine. On our YouTube channel we have posted a video where you can see in detail from the transport box to how we scrape an oboe reed and how it sounds. We leave it to you below. We hope you find it useful.


Rieger oboe profiling machine.


You can check other reed making machines in our online store. The most famous on the market today: Reeds’ n Stuff, Rieger, Willy Wettstein, KGE or Reed Machines.

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