EG-REEDS December 2020 and January 2021 Summary.

In this first post of 2021 we want to thank you all for your trust one more year. Due to the large number of orders, the waiting list is long and we are taking longer to manufacture the products. Thank you all for your understanding, all the orders will be arriving very soon.

For this reason we have not been able to publish on our blog in January, but we bring you a summary of our activity on social networks in the last two months.


In December we published the interesting interview with Robert Silla, soloist of the National Orchestra of Spain. Only in Spanish for the moment.


On our Facebook page you can find a section of recommended reading for Sunday. Also recommendations for oboe related products and events such as this January 30 concert by the fantastic Spanish oboist Cristina Gómez Godoy at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.


We leave you a selection of our latest readings and recommendations on Facebook:

How to practice “La scala di seta” (fast part)


Mayer reed a new professional oboe reed made by EG-REEDS.

Éric González


The oboe reed and its parts

Interview with Jonathan Kelly, principal oboe of the Berliner Philharmoniker


Finally, we take the opportunity to invite you to follow us also on Instagram where we regularly publish photos of our work and our products. Here we leave you the latest publications:


Thanks for reading! See you on !

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