VAT: New ecommerce rules in the EU

VAT: New ecommerce rules in the EU (The European Union). As of 1 July 2021, some changes will be introduced to the way that VAT is charged on online sales in the EU countries. Distance sellers selling goods across the EU, will be asked to charge VAT at the rate of the buyer’s shipping address. In […]

The importance of previous postural and respiratory work at the beginning of the study of woodwind instruments.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PREVIOUS POSTURAL AND RESPIRATORY WORK AT THE BEGINNING OF THE STUDY OF WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS. Today we share with you an interesting article by a great professional and friend, Edmon Elgström (only available in Spanish). Edmon talks about the importance of postural work and breathing work from the beginning of oboe studies and […]

Rieger oboe profiling machine

Rieger oboe profiling machine

Rieger oboe profiling machine. Today we are talking about the Rieger oboe profiling machine. Rieger is a German company that started life in 1956. The Rieger oboe profiler has a classic, functional design, with top quality materials, resulting in a robust machine that is very easy to use. All in a perfect travel case.   […]


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