New work for oboe “Hobojo Op. 21” – Francisco José Valero Castells.

“Hobojo Op. 21” – Francisco José Valero Castells.



This composition, “Hobojo Op. 21”, is dedicated to all students who have attended my oboe classes over 30 years in which I have been teaching at the CSMM.

Fibonacci sequence has been used in this composition as the inspiration element with the aim of obtaining the germ of it.


Then, a section appears in which students, who have studied with me, have taken part, also, students who are studying with me as of today (63). Their contribution consisted in composing and recording their names to take part of the composition in an active way; 27 students have participated in this process.

At the end of this section, a short space has been given to the player to include his name and surname in the composition, if it is his wish.

As a final section, there is a Cadence that incorporates, as a summary, a set of three previous sections. The cadence is formed by three elements, two of them are a tribute as an ostinato (theme B-A-C-H and the note B of the Berio “Sequenza VII”). The third one corresponds to the Fibonacci scale. Small sections are articulated on these elements, as one of the whole composition. As the “last task”, the existence of a message hidden in the cadence has to be mentioned.

Hobojo, Op. 21 for oboe and electronics – Francisco José Valero oboe.


Francisco José Valero Castells.

Francisco José Valero Castells (Silla, 1970). He started his studies at the age of seven, shortly after he registered in the Superior School of Music in Valencia, where he studied the oboe with Mr. Francisco Salanova, finishing his higher level studies when he was 16 years of age with the highest qualifications.

Prizes of Honour for the end of the Elementary, Intermediate and Superior Grades of Oboe and Musical Theory, Prize “Mercedes Massí” and too receiving a scholarship from the “Santiago Lope Foundation”. Also, the Second Prize in the “Juventudes Musicales de España” national competition. In this conservatory also get titles of Piano, Choir Conducting and Composition. Has subsequently expanded studies with teachers such as Thomas Indermühle, L. Koch, J. de Lancie, P. Dombrecht, among others.

He has participated on the Municipal Orchestra of Valencia, RTVE Orchestra, Orchestra of the Conservatory of Valencia, JONDE, Orchestra Region of Murcia, OSRM, Moscow Virtuosi, Beethovenhall Bonn, OBC, etc, several of which he has performed as a soloist. He has made recordings with the Chamber Orchestra of Murcia, JONDE, Chamber Orchestra and the University Choir of Murcia, OSRM and the group “Concertus Novo”.

He has composed several works, some of them performed in the Auditorium and Congress Centre of Murcia, National Auditorium (Madrid), Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Murcia, Auditorium SGAE, and “Palau de la Música” in Valencia. All these interpretations have been broadcast by “Radio Clásica”.

He is a member of the SGAE, COSICOVA and the Academy of Valencian Music.

Since 1988 he is the superior professor of oboe in the Superior School of Music of Murcia.


Many thanks to José Francisco Valero for his contribution. You can visit his personal website for more information:

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