Mayer reed a new professional oboe reed made by EG-REEDS.

Mayer reed is a new professional oboe reed made by the experience of EG-REEDS professionals.

The combination of Mayer staple with Mayer shape together with our EG-REEDS material and our experience, result in a professional reed with a wide and dark sound, stable tuning and easy emission. Perfect for oboists who are looking for sound projection to play in orchestra or as a soloist.

Mayer reed

Albrecht Mayer shape is one of the most requested shapes by our customers, for its design, in our section of shaped cane. Its tip of 7.04 mm turns it into a reed with a wide and dark sound but at the same time flexible in the second octave, thanks to its progression towards 4.05 at the beginning of the staple.

And naturally, for this new reed we have selected Albrecht Mayer staple from the well-known manufacturer Guercio. Albrecht Mayer staple has an oval opening of 2.6 x 2 which gives us a round sound.



Mayer oboe reed specifications.

Shaper is Albrecht Mayer and staple can be Guercio Albrecht Mayer 47 or 46.

Just choose your staple (47 or 46), hardness and if you want brass wire or not. You will get top quality reeds, with a dark sound, stable tuning and with an easy emission. Your reeds will reach your doorstep ready to give your personal touch and enjoy playing.

Other specifications of Mayer reed: Length of the finished reed – related to the staple*. Scraped length –  between 10 and 11mm.

*Staple length –  47mm — Length of finished reed – 72mm.

Staple length –  46mm — Length of finished reed – 71mm.


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2 thoughts on “Mayer reed a new professional oboe reed made by EG-REEDS.

  1. Park Min young says:

    Hello, I would love to try your reeds
    I am currently principal oboe in Hong Kong sinfonietta.let s keep contact through e mail.

    • Éric González says:

      Dear Mr. Park, thank you for your interest in our products. Please note that you can find all our products on our website:
      Anyway, we will contact you.
      Best regards,
      Éric González.

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