Oboe Reed Making Basics. Get Ready for the New School Year.

If you’re planning to make your own oboe reeds for the new school year, you’ll need a set of specialized materials and tools. Reed-making can be a challenging but rewarding skill to develop. Here’s a list of the essential materials and tools you’ll need.

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10 Reed Making Basics Materials:

  1. Oboe Cane: Begin with good-quality oboe cane. You can purchase shaped and gouged cane or start with pregounged cane and do the shaping and gouging yourself. If you are starting out it can be cheaper student cane to practice and break 😊
  2. Thread: Use strong thread for binding the reed. Many oboists prefer nylon thread.
  3. Staples: These are the metal and cork tubes that go inside the reed and attach it to the oboe. You can choose from different styles and lengths depending on your preference. Standard is Chiarugi 47 2.
  4. Wire: 0,30 wire is used to secure the reed and adjust its opening.
  5. Plaque: This is inserted between the reed blades to help shape and stabilize the reed.
  6. Reed Knife: A sharp and precise reed knife is essential for shaping the cane and adjusting the reed.
  7. Mandrel: This tool is used to hold the staple while working on the reed. It helps maintain the correct shape and dimensions.
  8. Cutting Block: A stable surface for cutting and shaping the reed.
  9. Tape or reed skin: Tape so that air does not escape when blowing.
  10. Pliers: For adjusting the wire binding on the reed.

You may need some other complementary material such as a small container to soak the reed before working on it. And always good light and a comfortable place to work.

Finally, when you have finished the reeds it is important to always store them in a reed case.

Remember that reed-making can be a skill that takes time to develop, and it’s often helpful to learn from a teacher or experienced reed-maker. Also, consult with your oboe teacher for specific preferences or recommendations.

If you want more information, here is another post with tips to improve making oboe reeds.

5 tips to improve your oboe reed making

If you have any questions or comments about the basic tools you need to start the new music school year, put them in the comments below or write to us at info@eg-reeds.com

Greetings and good reeds!! 👋

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