Black Friday 2023: An opportunity to save!

Black Friday 2023 is here. Calling all amateur and professional oboists! 🌟 This Black Friday, we’re orchestrating a symphony of savings with an exclusive 5% DISCOUNT on our professional reeds for oboe, English horn and Oboe d’amore. It’s your chance to save money!

🔥 Enjoy a 5% DISCOUNT here! 🔥

🕛 Act fast – this exclusive offer is valid for a limited time only! 🕛


Why choose our Professional reeds EG-REEDS?

🌟 Expert Craftsmanship: Our reeds are meticulously handcrafted by professionals, ensuring a perfect blend of responsiveness, stability, and beautiful sound.

🌟 Premium Materials: Crafted from select materials, our professional reeds EG-REEDS are designed to meet the demands of discerning musicians, offering unparalleled quality.

🌟 Versatility Meets Performance: Whether you’re playing classical compositions or exploring contemporary tunes, our reeds adapt to your musical style.


Visit our website to discover our products and transform your musical experience.


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