Info about EG-REEDS and coronavirus (COVID-19).

After the measures of the Spanish government for COVID-19, we want to announce that in EG-REEDS we can continue developing our activity as online commerce. We continue to send orders so that all our customers receive the best service.

We work with all preventive and hygienic measures, as we always do so that all orders arrive in perfect condition.

Customers who have orders processing, do not worry that we will send them during the next few days.

Please note that shipments may be delayed by the reduced service of the Post Office or the express delivery company. Some countries may have temporary restrictions on shipments. Please for international shipments to non-European countries contact us before placing your order at

We want to give a message of support to all who are having a hard time and to the professionals who are fighting to win COVID-19 all over the world. We ask you all to please take care of yourselves.

We will close a few days about mid-April, but for a happy news:

🎉🎉We will soon increase the EG-REEDS team. 🤰👶🍼My wife and I are going to have our first child next April. We will be closed for a few days for this happy event. We will announce it on the blog. If you need reeds, please place your orders as soon as possible. During the closing days you can contact our distributors.

Thank you very much to all. For more information, you can contact us at, by Facebook or by phone +34 676 628 251.

See you at


Updated on March 25.

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