EG-REEDS November 2020 Summary.

November has ended and we bring you a new summary of our activity both on the blog and on social networks.


On our Youtube channel we have published a new video about a very interesting profiling machine. The profiler machine “The cube”. A very versatile and compact machine. We recommend you watch the video.

The cube profiling oboe reed machine demo by Reeds Machines


If you are interested, this is the product.


This month we have published an interested article on our blog, which we are sure you will like. A selection of the best gifts that can be given to an oboist. A help guide to know what to give for example at Christmas, if you have an oboist among your friends or family or for yourself 🙂

Gifts for oboe players


This month we have also celebrated BLACK FRIDAY 2020 with many offers. Due to the large number of orders it will take a little longer to manufacture and ship, but they will soon reach all of you. Thank you all very much for your orders and your trust!

Black friday 2020 EG-REEDS

In November, we had a lot of activity on our Facebook account. Among other things, we recommend reading two interesting articles from our blog:
  • On the one hand, the article by Emili Pascual, where he tells us about the English horn in opera (only available in Spanish).

  • And we have also recommended the article by Andrés Parada, where he talks about how he organizes his oboe classroom (also in Spanish):


Finally, Facebook reminded us of this article that we published already in 2017 in English, on how to study the fast part of the Scala di Seta:

What has happened in the world of the oboe this November?

Nicholas Daniel, has been appointed the new president of the British Double Reed Society:

We leave you with the concert offered by the Galician Symphony Orchestra on October 30, 2020. In the oboes section: David Villa, Iria Folgado and Tania Ramos. All of them brilliant in this concert, but we highlight the incredible horn solo that Tania Ramos leaves us.


Finally, we leave you with a slider of our Instagram photos of the month of November.

Cañas y castañas
Éric González oboista profesional
Customer review Justin
Strauss Concerto oboe
Caña y pestañas
Cañas sin raspar EG-REEDS


Thank you very much for reading us! If you have a little more time, here you can read our summary of the month of October:

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