Cuarteto Emispherio – Quartets for Oboe and Strings.

Today we open a new section on our website: CDs. Now you can get the CDQuartets for Oboe and Strings by Cuarteto Emispherio. The oboist in this quartet is Sarah Roper, solo oboe of the Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla, Spain, since 1996, and an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music. She plays a Howarth of London LXV oboe.

Soon you will find more CDs related to the oboe world.



In the interview we did with Sarah Roper a few months ago, she told us about this CD. If you want to read the full interview you can do it on our blog.

I chose this combination, oboe and string trio, firstly because I absolutely love playing with strings (the sound of solo oboe works so well with them) and I wanted to record something new, and Spanish (such as Horus by Ferrer Ferran and our own Albéniz arrangements) and less well known pieces such as the Malcolm Arnold and Wanhal Quartets. It also worked well for us as the Cuarteto Emispherio was celebrating our 10th anniversary of playing together in 2015.  We are a very active chamber music group and in the past we were often asked by public at our performances if we had a professional recording to sell. 

We made the recording with Jordi Gil, at Sputnik Studios in Seville. The easiest part of the recording was the playing! We spent a whole weekend recording the works and then spent almost the same amount of time listening and deciding on the tracks that we were going to use for the CD. The hardest part of making this CD was preparing the programme notes and working on the design for the sleeve and programme book. I had no idea that it would take us so long to prepare the notes (written in English and Spanish) and it was a real challenge, however it was a very rewarding project in every aspect and we are pleased with the result.

Interview with Sarah Roper oboe

Quartets for Oboe and Strings – Cuarteto Emispherio.

Sarah Roper (oboe)
Vladimir Dmitrienco (violin)
Jerome Ireland (viola)
Gretchen Talbot (cello)

Johann Wanhal, Quartet in C, Op.7 no.6
Isaac Albéniz, Tango in D Op.165 no.2 (from España) 
Franz Krommer, Quartet in F, PIX:21
Malcolm Arnold, Quartet Op.61
Ferrer Ferran, Horus (2007), World Première recording 
Albéniz, Córdoba Op.232 no.4, (Chants d’Espagne)

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