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Interviews with oboe world personalities

Interview with François Leleux

Interview with François Leleux. Interview with François Leleux. We are already back to work after the leave due to the birth of our son Daniel. Thank you all very much for the congratulations! Our website is already open for all of you. In it you will find all the necessary products related to oboe […]

ONLINE OboeFest last week

online oboefest last week

ONLINE OboeFest last week. We are in the last week of Online OboeFest. Thanks to all of you who are participating and watching our online oboe festival! We continue to broadcast the oboe festival on our YouTube channel: We will update the information on our social networks. YOUTUBE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM @egreeds Thanks to everyone for […]

Interview with Jaime Gonzalez oboe Professor University of Arts Bern.

Interview with Jaime Gonzalez Oboe Professor at the University of Arts Bern (Switzerland). Today we bring the interview to Jaime Gonzalez, oboe professor at the University of Arts in Bern. We want to thank Jaime for his time and for giving us this interview. We hope you like it. Remember that you can read other […]

Interview with Luca Vignali solo oboe at Rome Opera House.

Luca Vignali oboe

Interview with Luca Vignali solo oboe at Rome Opera House.   We want to thank Luca Vignali for his collaboration in this interview with which we will close the year 2019. We hope you enjoy reading the interview. You can read other interviews on our blog.     How were your beginnings in music / […]