Beginner oboes EG-REEDS.

We are very happy to present our Beginner oboes EG-REEDS.

Thanks to our experience and cooperation with oboe teachers, EG-REEDS has designed these oboes for students, following the most demanding requirements so that beginner students can have an instrument specially designed for them. They are high quality oboes at the best price.


Each oboe has been carefully designed and tested, applying our knowledge and also taking as reference the requests of the teachers, who know better than anyone what the students need.

Our Beginner oboe EG-REEDS has all the necessary keys for beginning students. It is semi-automatic, with third octave, B 2, and F and E flat of the left hand. They are made in composite (mix of wood and ABS) with silver plated keys, adapted for students to get better at them. All this makes a light and ergonomic oboe but at the same time very resistant and easy to sound. Included in the price is the carrying case type backpack, 1 Beginner reed EG-REEDS, cleaners and cork grease.

We leave you with some photos. For any additional information please contact us by email:

oboe iniciación EG-REEDS

Beginner oboes EG-REEDS



Beginner oboes EG-REEDS:

  • Beginner model: with third octave, B 2, F and E flat of the left hand.
  • Semi-automatic.
  • Composite body (mix of wood and ABS).
  • Silver plated keys.
  • Included in the price: Carrying case, 1 beginner reed EG-REEDS, cleaners and cork grease.

Beginner Oboe EG-REEDS

4 thoughts on “Beginner oboes EG-REEDS

  1. David Costa says:

    How can I try one? I’m from Portugal and live in Lisbon. Looks very good on paper, and I’m quite curious to try one.

    • Éric González says:

      Caro David, obrigado pelo seu interesse.

      Você pode marcar uma consulta em nossa Atelier para experimentar, se quiser. De qualquer forma, esteja ciente de nossas redes sociais porque temos muitas surpresas.


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